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(通讯员 夏爱涛)9月26日下午,碧桂园苏南区域8月份工程安全质量月检会在常州召开,会议对八月工程质量、安全月度检查进行了总结表彰,公司新城碧桂园·明昱湾项目从碧桂园…
(图片新闻:2019年8月31日,公司为全体员工发放中秋福利) (通讯员史文琴)天已微凉,中秋不远。中秋,是流传千年的传统节日,也是无数家庭相互邀约的理由。所谓“月是故乡明”…
(通讯员吴丹、赵文征)经过数月来的不懈努力,公司经营部再度喜结硕果,公司中标无锡新吴区吉宝·季景铭邸四期工程,事业版图再添新的动力。 据悉,“吉宝·季景铭邸…
(记者 钱爱凤)8月17日上午九点半,申慱sunbet娱乐科技大厦二楼培训教室忽然热闹了起来,原来申慱sunbet娱乐通讯社2019年总结表彰及培训会在这里举行,通讯社顾问张军阳、杨森林,社长王金荣,副社长王树…


Zheng Fang Yuan Group is a passionate team with ideals, a stage for professional managers to achieve their dreams, a hot spot for technical elites to pursue creativity, and a place where aspirational youths crave for. We promote the humanistic spirit of the “instructional organization”, taking “righteousness of mind and action in pursuit of wisdom” as our soul, endeavoring to build the Group into a happy home for harmonious development, and following the sustainable development path of the private Chinese enterprises and sectors.
Honesty is the bedrock of entrepreneurship and development for us, the cornerstone of its corporate brand and the core of its corporate culture. We have always fulfilled our commitment to users and society with our stellar engineering and quality services as well as our excellence in engineering quality.
Innovation is the impetus driving our sustained development. We rely on scientific & technological advancement and innovative ideas to fully expand our living space, thereby creating and maintaining its core competitiveness.
Our survival is thanks to the customers and our responsibility for customers is the foundation for our survival; without customer satisfaction, there would be no such thing as corporate performance and revenues. We have always been grateful and altruistic in our ambition, and we have always been symbiotic with customers, suppliers, employees, and the public.
Our core values “honesty, dedication, pragmatism, and innovation” will keep pushing our group forward. I am convinced that the Zheng Fang Yuan Group, a family full of love and creativity, must be a trustworthy partner for customers, a happy home that employees can count on, and a group with integrity capable of assuming social responsibility. May my fellow colleagues and family members give full play to your talent and wisdom in this harmonious, ideal and passionate environment and grow together with the Group. May you dedicate your lifetime pursuit to achieve our corporate vision of “building a better world”.

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