“UPDATES on my Issues”

I want to thank Deputy Chief Honis for allowing me to have a permit (that I really didn’t need) to go around the city to speak about public health concerns and the importance of people registering to vote.  Up until Chief Honis returned to work, I was always being denied a permit to speak around the city by the Bpt. Police Dept. unless I agreed to not go to locations they did not want me to go to.  One example is that I was arrested for speaking on the sidewalk in front of the Main St. courthouse.  I have been to court at least 10 times for the matter seeking a jury trial to avoid this harassment from happening again.  Next the Police Dept. denied me the right to speak in front of the Ct. Post  because they felt it would disturb the Federal Court on State St.  Based on the First Amendment, I have a right to do so.  My next date is December 11, 2013.


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