EXTRA – EXTRA Read all about it!


EXTRA! EXTRA!  Read all about it!

I am asking the Public to please visit my website (www.cecilyoung.com)  It explains a conspiracy that could back-fire that could be “YOU” next.  My civil rights have been violated by City & State Officials.  State Labor Board Arbitrators, Albert Murphy, Michael Culhane & Attorney Gerald Weiner allowed Jodie Paul, City Labor Relations to change the fact that I was terminated for not returning to work (which I was at work) to an absenteeism problem and to intentionally lie during the arbitration hearing by saying I resigned from my position of 27 years of City employment (which I was terminated).  The Arbitrators allowed this change and cover-up and intentionally lead Judge Sybil Richards during an appeal to believe my doctor notes were “literally scraps of paper” and my doctors’ signature was not legible.


I have filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s office who referred this information and many documents too the FB.I. For an investigation.  I continue to say if anything I say in not true, I ask to be charged accordingly.  ALL this information, plus much more in depth is on my website.  I thank everyone for your interest to visit my website.  www.cecilyoung.com

*  CT. State workers committed a crime with the SNAP program, was fired but not criminally charged, yet the State Arbitrators gave them their jobs back.  I was terminated for whistle blowing about contaminated dirt piles and the Arbitrators conspired with City officials and ruled against me.

Cc:  To Governor Malloy asking that the Labor Boar hearings be recorded to avoid what happened to me doesn’t’ happen to others.

Cecil C. Young,

Community Activist




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