This complaint is filed to the Judicial Review Council


I am filing a formal complaint against Judge Sybil J. Richards for violating the NAGE union contract and the City of Bridgeport Attendance Policy by not following the proper procedures when terminating an employee (see City Attendance Policy)

Because of her unprofessionally prejudice towards me and inability to be fair and impartial it has forced me to pay my Attorney another $5000 to appeal her decision which is currently pending in appellate court.


I strongly feel Judge Sybil J. Richards was not fair and impartial and showed bias and prejudice in my case.  I also feel Judge Richards violated the code of judicial conduct.

Canon 1, 2 Can 3 (1) (4) rule 1.1 and rule 2.1 2.2, 2.3


Judge Richards showed her prejudice towards me by ignoring the facts and evidence of my case (#FBT CV-074021992) she also showed bias when she ruled the exact same ruling the CT. Labor Board Arbitrators ruled in their decision against me on this case.  (See highlighted portion of Judge Richard’s decision) I also feel she showed bias and prejudice when she asked my Attorney twice for more evidence, (see transcript pg. 5, lines 4, 5  pg. 10, line 27 and pg. 11 lines 1, 2) yet never once asked the City’s Attorney John Mitola for any extra evidence.


I feel Judge Richards allegedly allowed Attorney Mitola to intimidate her and she was allegedly swayed and/or with fear of Attorney Mitola as she agreed with him (see transcript (pg. 6, lines 12, 13, 14) and (pg. 10, lines 15, 16).   Judge Sybil Richards showed impartiality by agreeing with the CT. Labor Board Arbitrators decision that my doctor’s signature was “illegible” and agreed with the Arbitrators that my doctor notes were “scraps of paper”  There was no evidence at any hearing or trial of any scraps of paper from my doctor that were submitted to the Arbitrators or Judge Richards.   Judge Richards had no evidence of scraps of paper to back up her decision to rule against me.  She made no effort or attempt to contact my doctor’s office to confirm his signature or the doctor’s notes.    There was evidence of actual doctor notes that were submitted.  In the transcript on (Pg. 3, line 27  and pg. 4, lines 1,2,3) Judge Richards knew I was unjustly terminated from my employment saying I did not return to work, which I did return.    Judge Richards said “she will issue a decision shortly”  (transcript pg. 14 lines 12, 13) yet it took her 3 ½ months which has cause me even more anxiety after waiting 7 years for this matter to come to trial

* The labor Board’s job is to save jobs and (2) State Arbitrators ruled against me (1) Arbitrator ruled in my favor.  I am enclosing copies of the following: the Court transcript, code of Judicial conduct, Judge Richard’s decision, portion of the City of Bridgeport’s attendance policy, application to vacate arbitration award, letter to Honorable Chief Court Admin, Judge Barbara M. Quinn, termination letter, (3) doctor notes doctor referral letter to Dr. Waynik, colonoscopy letter, phone message from my supervisor indicating I was at work but will leave early to be married by Probate Judge Paul Ganim and  (2) documents ( Plaintiff’s brief and Plaintiff’s appendix) that was entered  into the Appellate court on my behalf.



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