COVER-UP CONTINUES after 6 1/2 years!

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Shame on you Award goes to the State Court System and  Judge Richards for not honoring the oath she took as a Judge to be fair & impartial.  This info pertains to the Extra, Extra Conspiracy story! I do want to praise Attorney Rose Longo-McLean who represented me in court on this case.  She made relevant points twice and very clear to Judge Richards.   PLEASE READ Entire court transcript above!

I will try to scrape up funds for Federal Court with Jurors of my peers. I am appealing Judge Richard’s ruling!

**Also see the signature of my doctor’s note in 2005 this confirms the loop is my doctor’s signature. It is the same loop signature that he signed in 2006 which the Arbitrators & Judge Richards found to be a problem. Also see my time sheet proving I worked On March 16, 2006,a  colon exam notice & secretary’s note to Dr. Evan’s that I am leaving early. The City terminated because they claim I did not return to work.

* See doctor notes dated April 4, 2006,  9/1/06  6/3/05 and 10/31/05 where Dr. Evans accepted this note signed by the same nurse.   All these notes prove that Dr. Walters signs with a loop (which was the problem with the Arbitrators and Judge Sybil Richards)

A SHAME ON YOU AWARD goes to the City of Bridgeport for terminating me “for not returning to work” when they knew id did return to work.  Second SHAME ON YOU AWARD goes to the State Labor Board Arbitrators Michael Culhane and Attorney Gerald Weiner for conspiring with the City to cover-up the unjust termination (in the name of my doctor notes were “literally scraps of paper and my doctor signature is a illegible loop”) third SHAME ON YOU AWARD goes to Judge Sybil Richards who swore under oath when she became a judge to be fair and impartial.  For Judge Richards to justify the Arbitrators

decision against me without any evidence to back up their decision.  I also sent a letter to Gov. Malloy asking that in the future the Labor Board hearings to be recorded so there would be a transcript for someone to use for an appeal.  I also filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s office to investigate my allegations and these matters.

*****THE CITY HAD ALL THESE DOCTOR NOTES IN THEIR POSESSION AT THE TIME OF THE ARBITRATION HEARING  (The City only gave the arbitrtors three notes)  Out of the 27 years of employment with the City I NEVER had an attendance problem!

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