After 12 years of being treated like a slave, I finally might get the cover-up of my unjust termination exposed. Thanks to Councilman Ernest Newton for honoring his word to look into the cover-up of my unjust termination by City and State Officials.  I also want to thank Mayor Ganim and the Council members for allowing this matter to be looked  into which I have publicity thanked them at the January 2, 2018 public speaking portion of the council meeting. I was employed with the City of Bridgeport for 27 1/2 years and Councilman Newton suggested that I forward a copy of my documents to Jeanee Hawkins in the personnel dept. The City and state Officials that covered up my  unjust termination and violated my civil rights were CT. State Arbitrators, Albert Murphy, Chair, Gerald Weiner,Chair and  Michael Culhane,  City officials Dr.Marion Evans, former City of Bpt.,Health Director and Jodi Paul,former City of Bpt. Labor Relations.

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